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A proven, structured programme tailored to you and your goals. You'll work with a coach to ensure each session counts. You'll have access to unlimited classes. Your performance is monitored.

fit8 life prescriptive exercise

CONSISTENT and CORRECT exercise is key to improving and maintaining a healthy strong body, injury free and reducing risk of any further injury or relapses. Prescriptive exercise is all about functionality and progression to optimise your body.

fit8 life is right for you

A monthly membership that works for you. As part of your prescriptive exercise programme you have free access to triage physiotherapy, you will also receive regular full movement screenings which tell us everything we need to know about how your body moves and what the best approach to exercise and injury prevention and management would be.

The information we gain from the Movement Screening is invaluable to YOU, to US and also to other practitioners you may be working with.

In this screening, we look at the four pillars of movement

  • Tightness
  • Weakness
  • imbalance
  • Motor control

  • A formula created to identify

  • Inefficiency of movement
  • Enhanced potential risk of injury
  • Preventative methods with the use of corrective exercise to fix them

  • The Movement Screening, analysis and prescriptive exercise programme ensure you are progressing and are on track with the changes and adaptations your body is making. The more often you exercise the more often adaptations will be made; so it’s important to keep up to speed with your own body.

    Throughout your “fit8 life journey” the scale of treatment and the scale of exercise is appropriate and tailored to you. With us it’s all about quality and communication; making sure everybody on our team is talking about you and what you are doing.

    I am ready

    i am ready!

    this is why we do what we do

      • Still really enjoying my zoom sessions . If it weren't for them I don't think I'll get through the door after lockdown having put on so much weight ! Missing seeing you - take care and much love
      • Lynne
      • We had a session with kiki Saturday and another one Sunday. Both were excellent. Thank you!
      • Betty&Lance
      • What can I say? I'm loving your Zoom sessions!
      • Tara
      • It continues to be a big support in exercising with Fit 8 coaches! Thank you! It is great seeing friendly faces that you know! Continue to stay well and safe!
      • Sue
      • The Fit8 zoom sessions have been critical to maintaining both fitness and sanity in these strange times. Thanks to all the trainers who are always enthusiastic and keeping an eye on whether we are actually doing what we are supposed to!
      • David
      • Fantastic way to work off the lockdown lassitude! Many thanks to Kiki for organising and encouraging me to join. Next week planning to attend regularly including an Olga session!
      • Allan Kerr
      • I am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the Zoom classes . Every trainer does something different - cardio , stretching , all over general fitness . All good . Makes my day !
      • Shelagh
      • I continue to love the fit 8 sessions using zoom thank you! I do not know what I would do without them! Many thanks and continue to remain safe!
      • Sue Johns
      • As you know I am delighted by our the Zoom sessions! I was so impressed with the speed and efficiency that Fit 8 set up the Zoom sessions and adapted them to be as effective at home as they are in the gym. I really look forward to my daily class and am getting brilliant help and advice from Olga to fix my calf which I pulled with too much walking before I joined up to Fit 8 on Zoom! I’m hoping this option will still be available when social isolation ends. Thank you so much and keep safe xx
      • Hayes Collins
      • Fit8 have been outstanding during the lockdown period, allowing me to maintain and increase my fitness level through daily sessions via Zoom. My daughter is even allowed to join for free from her house. Great job Fit8!!
      • Derek
      • Hi Olga, Please tell the team that there is no need to check in with us as we are so happy with Fit 8 right now. You guys have been brilliant and we are thrilled to be members! Thank you all so much
      • Rochelle
      • By and large it’s great. The internet connection from the gym and Fernando’s home sometimes leave a lot to be desired - tethering from a phone works better - but other than that it’s great.
      • Quintin
      • Very good thanks - enjoying the experience. Also many thanks for the bands delivered today.
      • David Ainsworth
      • Hi there ! I am so pleased to be able to continue my Fit8 training by interactive Sessions . It has worked so well ,involving a bit of social communication with other members, along with the usual excellent standard of ‘Normal’ gym sessions. Olga, my knee seems on track- a few twinges but getting there- swelling minimal Thank you
      • Pam
      • Hi Olga, Hope you’re safe and well! The sessions have been great so far. All of the instructors are so friendly and do a really good job of explaining the correct form, which can’t be easy over Zoom. The fact that the circuits target as many areas of the body as possible (lower body, upper body and core) is also helpful as I spend most of the rest of the day sitting at a desk while working from home. It’s also been great to learn different exercises that use resistance bands in the sessions - I hadn’t really used them before and really enjoy them as an alternative way to add resistance when you can’t get to a gym to use weights. It’s very kind of the team to let me join the sessions as “friends and family” of a member so thank you for letting me participate!
      • Gaby
      • I think the sessions are great! A light in these bleak times!
      • Susie Hoddel
      • They are better without the music in the background, thank you
      • Nadia
      • The online sessions are working really well. It is great to see familiar faces and far more personal than doing other online exercise sessions. Other people have mentioned it, but would be great to have music somehow. Thank you all!
      • Susie.
      • Its my best lifeline beyond the 4 walls....amazingly good feelings! Thanks! Working well as far as I’m concerned - a small reminder of normality! Helps with routine too. If people could remember to mute themselves on Zoom then we can all hear the trainer rather than them huffing and puffing! Keep up the good work
      • Geoff
      • All good so far, think it’s great Has become an integral part of my work from home routine and a great way to unwind after a day of staring at screens!
      • Amyn
      • I have done 2 xZoom sessions now one with 2 others and one solo , both worked well . A good way to keep a level fitness going and feel a sense of connection with other fit 8 members and the equipment needed!
      • Sandra
      • I’m very grateful to FIT8 for organising the zoom connections for my workouts. I have set goals for this next twelve weeks and with my regular sessions I will achieve them. Thanks for the ongoing support.
      • Helen Jones
      • Really cool! Amazing support Let’s keep going
      • Nick Basing
      • I’ve already had 2 x Zoom interactive PT sessions this week and am so glad I did! It was fun, energising and exhausting!! Definitely helping to keep me going through the lockdown! Thank you.
      • Claire Emerton
      • It was great to see Fernando and keep up with exercising only downside was zoom kept freezing but I would rather than put up with that than no zooming at all!
      • Susie
      • I had two Zoom interactive sessions this week. One with Alastair and one with Kiki. Both trainers did a great job with well thought out programmes, clear instructions and helpful “demos”. The technology worked fine and I am sure we will get more expert with it as the weeks go on. Is there any reason we can’t re-introduce the classes as week as the smaller session? Thanks to the whole team for setting the ZOOM sessions up.
      • Tony
      • I am thoroughly enjoying the online zoomTraining sessions - in fact I actively look forward to them (something which surprised me having never been a sporty type). I find that having a session time booked in the diary makes sure I commit to exercising and remain motivated to push myself during the covid19 lockdown. No two sessions are the same - all credit to the imagination and experience of the Fit8 team.
        Keep up the great work guys !
      • Clare
      • The Interactive Sessions, are doing wonders for not only my fitness health but also my mind, this is fitness for all levels of the highest standard, I am so appreciative of the contact and the sessions that the team are coming up with.
      • Darryl
      • My fit8 Zoom sessions are a really important part of giving me structure to my days. I have also noticed my strength and flexibility are improving’
      • Fiona
      • fit8 is one of the three main reasons why I live in Wimbledon Village. It is the most enjoyable & kind gym I have ever belonged to, as well as being focused, demanding and challenging.
      • Peter
      • I joined Fit8 at Warren House in January this year. The coaches are enthusiastic and highly qualified. No two work outs are the same. Different phases of training have increased my strength and fitness levels and have enabled me to reduce my golf handicap by five shots to 11.
      • Natasha
      • After joining fit8 a year ago, my fitness and attitude towards sport, has changed considerably. I joined the gym with exercise-induced asthma and over the year this has improved dramatically. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. The coaches are kind, understanding and professional. The workouts are always challenging and varied & the coaches are happy to adapt the sessions to help me achieve my goals.
      • Charchie
      • Having had a serious neck problem for most of 2013 I was faced with a long, challenging and uncertain path back to good health. Kieron has been the perfect guide on this journey – his experience is invaluable, his attention to detail impressive and his confidence is priceless.
      • Adan
      • The coaches & physios are knowledgeable, concerned about my overall well being and specifically on my physical problems and pain – I feel so well looked after and my sessions are a joy to attend.
      • Jim
      • I joined fit8 4 months ago having done very little exercise since being diagnosed with ME over 20 years ago. Not only did I struggle with constant low energy levels but neck/shoulder pain from a childhood accident and severe weekly migraine attacks. Since joining, my energy levels have increased dramatically, my neck/shoulder pain has decreased, I am stronger and I haven’t had a migraine for over 8 weeks now! The fit8 team, especially Sam, Hannah and Kieron have been so encouraging and enthusiastic in helping me overcome my physical difficulties I now have a spring in my step and look forward to my next session! Thank you guys, my only regret is not discovering you earlier!
      • Melissa
      • Fit8 means I ACTUALLY go to the gym.
      • Debbie