it's not a gym. it's life.



Established in 2003, fit8 introduces a revolution in the health and fitness industry’s approach to prescriptive exercise, weight management, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


From our studio in the heart of Wimbledon Village, we deliver a truly personal, affordable, effective and progressive system that brings quantifiable benefits to your physical health and optimizes your functional athletic progression.


fit8 goes way beyond traditional physiotherapy, gym and personal training

We offer you choice. We offer you solutions. We offer you care.

  • PT Sessions
  • Prescriptive Exercise
  • Sports Specific Performance Coaching
  • Weight Management
  • Pain and Injury Management
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sports Specific Rehabilitation
  • Postural and Gait Analysis
  • Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Treatment of Arthritic Conditions
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Conditions
  • General Physical Health & Functionality


Our award-winning team of rehabilitation and coaching specialists are here to ensure the protection, maintenance and restoration of our members physical health and functionality.

I am ready

it's not a gym. it's life.

we're here
because we care.

Focus on you.