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Private coaching and athletic support with our master coach Kieron Vorster. At fit8 we treat everybody like and athlete. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, we have the experience, knowledge, professionalism and dedication to bring out the best performance in you

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Experience elite performance coaching. Private coaching and support from our master coach Kieron Vorster with specific targeted goals set to timelines. Kieron is dedicated to bringing out your optimal performance at all times. You will be challenged and pushed to new limits in a controlled, safe and progressive environment. Fully supported by our team of functional coaches and our physiotherapist.

Unlock your potential.

You will be challenged
& pushed to new limits

You will be challenged and pushed to new limits, testing your boundaries and documenting your performance. This means that your programme is constantly monitored, progressed and tweaked as necessary so that you will hit your established targets whilst preventing injury or the dreaded flare-ups.

Unlock your potential.

Bespoke packages available to suit individual needs and goals.

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    • To Whom It May Concern,
      I write to you as the CEO of Tennis Australia regarding Kieron Vorster who I have known for 20 years and predominantly in my time as South African Davis Cup Captain from 1999-2002.
      During my tenure as Davis Cup Captain, Kieron Vorster was an integral part of the team. He has a diverse skill set from sports massage therapy to assisting and working with the players both on and off the court. He certainly assisted in making my role more successful during this time. His ability to apply his experience into working with professional athletes greatly enhanced the performance of the team. Kieron has a long and successful track record.
      He was always approachable on team selection and always gave a balanced and well informed response which helped me with my decision making.
      Should you need to any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Best regards,
    • Craig Tiley
    • Tennis Australia CEO
    • When I set my David Lloyd Academy up I had no hesitation in putting Vossy (Kieron Vorster) in charge. He did a great job and the scheme would still be going today if the LTA had not changed their method of funding. Vossy was great with the kids and also could run the financial side which is always very important . It's unusual to find these qualities in one person . If I was starting a new Academy Vossy would be top of my list.
    • David Lloyd
    • Kieron has been my Strength and Conditioning coach for the past 3 years.
      During that time Kieron has developed an individually tailored programme for my specific bio-mechanical needs and one that is designed to enhance my performance in the style of tennis that I like to play. My game is based on power, strength and dynamic movement.
      Four months ago, I developed Patella Tendonitis.
      It is an over-use injury that developed in my transitioning year from me competing in both high level junior tournaments and competing in the pro -Men’s Futures tournaments.
      Kieron has been instrumental in helping me to rehabilitate and developing a programme that not only got me back out playing but out stronger and fitter than before, so that I am better able to cope with the rigors of the Mens game.
      During my rehabilitation, Kieron spent two months working 6 days a week with me. He accompanied me in appointments to see the; Knee/ Tendon Consultant Specialists, Tendon specific Physiotherapist, National LTA Physiotherapist and Doctor and liaised continuously with my own Individual Tennis coach. To ensure that everyone was working together towards my optimal recovery.
      Kieron has developed a programme for me that was based on the most up-to-date theories of recovery from this injury and that would strengthen my body to help prevent a reoccurrence. This includes an ongoing fitness programme that we can work on both when I am at base training and when I am out on the road competing.
      There is a lot of hard work and perseverance required in any efforts to become a professional sports man. Working with Kieron who is totally professional and reliable, makes the journey easier. He has been a constant source of encouragement, which has helped me to push myself and he has shared the journey through some of the tougher times of my injury, making them a little easier to get through.
    • Finn Bass
    • ITF Junior World Ranking of 44
      ATP World ranking of 837
    • Kieron Vorster was my fitness coach for 2 years and he really helped me keep in the best shape possible to compete at the highest junior level.
      Kieron was also very instrumental in my rehab from two ankle surgeries. He was extremely diligent and professional at all times in order to get me back playing as soon as possible.
    • Jodie Burrage
    • ITF Carreer High Junior Wolrd ranking of 14
      WTA Ranking of 515
    • Kieron Vorster worked as my strength and conditioning coach from November 1999 to July 2002 where he used his skills and knowledge to make sure that I was in prime condition to compete at the highest level week in and week out on the ATP Tour.
      He was forward thinking in his recovery strategies in order for me to optimise my performance on court when competing on the Tour and at the Grand Slams.
      He was an integral member of my team for the success I had during the period outlined above.
    • Tim Henman OBE
    • Career High ATP Tour World Ranking of 4
      Winner of 11 ATP Tour Titles
    • Kieron Vorster worked with me for 4 years as my fitness personal trainer. His work ethic is the best I have ever seen and throughout the time we worked together, he always made sure I was in the best possible physical shape in order for me to perform at my highest level at all times. He would prioritize peaking so I could perform my best at the grand slams.
    • Wayne Ferreira
    • ATP Career High World No 6
    • Kieron is an amazing fitness and conditioning coach. I was struggling with my shoulder and fitness he gave me some good insight into keeping fit. I think working with him makes you understand how to train and when to train. Also whatever goals you have he tries his best to help you but I believe he can really achieve your goal and exceed your expectations. For a South African he still got poor banter!! Awesome trainer, brilliant knowledge.
    • Monty Panesar
    • England International 2006 to 2013
      167 International Test Wickets